These are proofs, not the final print.

These shots are a form of photojournalism, and are not posed in any way. The images were produced on a variety of professional Nikon 35mm film cameras.

Since their original intent was for print publication, they are usually grainy, which becomes apparent when enlarged for wall display. This is the norm for display of photojournalism from film negatives.

Certain flaws have been retouched digitally.


The rectangular NLG images from 1973 are sized 11 x 17 inches and printed on 13 x 19 inch photo paper. These dimensions can accommodate a variety of mounting options that are the responsibility of the buyer. They fit into standard 13 x 19 frames with a 1 inch border in white, and can be matted for this size or larger. They also can be cut to fit into a standard 11 x 17 inch frame without a border. The other images vary in shape.

Kinoy at Austin NLG Convention 1973

Austin NLG Convention 1973

Spain 1977 Election Collage

Phil Ochs

Ku Klux Klan in Tupelo

Gage Park Against the Nazis


Feds Spying on Demonstration

VVAW March on Capitol

Street Resistance

Monitoring Heckler

To Serve & Protect